The Voice of Columbia Hotels

This is where we usually do the introductions, and so we will. As indicated above, we are the Columbia Hospitality Association, also known as CHA.  We are an active, curious and dynamic group representing the majority of the hotels and allied industries in this vibrant and growing college city of 120,000 or so.

We wanted you to be aware that we, your hosts, are your go-to people in making sure your visit with us is perfect. So even before you come through the door, you’ll know we’re already looking out for you. 

When you check in to one of the many fine venues we have available, you’ll quickly become aware of the unique and versatile places to visit there are nearby—to meet with others, shop, dine, explore, attend an event and/or just to relax and let someone else sweat the little stuff.  Many of these opportunities are associated with the University of Missouri, one of the nation’s most renowned research institutions, and by the excellent small colleges who also share our space. Regardless of what you’re leaning toward, we’re here to point the way.

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